Lago Vistas Map

Scroll down below for a map showing the layout of the Lago Vistas Ranch.  When referencing the map keep in mind that each and every one of these properties has it’s own “personality”. It may seem that one next to the other does not matter much, but when you actually walk on them you will notice each one feels a bit different. Some folks like flat and usable and others want more character. Many will appreciate the quick access and want to be near the front where the roads are paved, while others want a more rural setting where they can have a horse or two.

As mentioned above the Lago Vistas Blvd is paved all the way throughout the south half of the ranch up until the green belt that separates Properties 13 & 21 from 23 & 50. From there, the Ranch Roads are natural surfacing with a “low dust” gravel base.

For the horse lovers out there, the properties in the north half of the ranch is where you want to be. You will love that the entire perimeter of the Ranch has an Equestrian Easement, as do all the Greenbelt areas.  This feature is for foot and horseback only so no worries about motorized vehicles buzzing around either. There is also a platted easement along the boundary of Property 5 for the future access to where Colorado City is proposing a reservoir. These easements are for the use and enjoyment of property owners of Lago Vistas Ranch only!

All the utilities are to the properties along the roadways and include the  City water lines, power, natural gas, fiber optic internet, cable tv, phone and fire hydrants. Home owner’s Insurance companies seem to like that feature!

You can also build if and when you want to, allowing you to acquire your property while the market is in your favor. Taxes are under a dollar an acre, and since there is very limited maintaince for a Property Owners Association the annual dues are only $100. 00

Lago Vistas in Colorado City Colorado

Lago Vistas Map