Update on Proposed New Reservoir Bordering Lago Vistas

Lake Beckwith Reservoir

At the recent meeting of the Colorado City Metropolitan District Board of Directors on May 10, 2011 they discussed the updated study that showed positive results that the ground beneath the proposed dam would indeed support a large embankment type dam.

They mentioned that at this point there is no known technical or geological reason why the reservoir could not be built and that the embankment would be built on bedrock and would contain an imperious core that would prevent the seepage of water through the dam itself.

Lago Vistas property owners should be aware that the developers, Jim Young and Jerry Seifert, worked with the Metro District in Colorado City and initiated the original study for the proposed reservoir. They also deeded the land where the proposed reservoir is going to be located adjoining the Lago Vistas development.

The Metro District is still seeking funding for the project and the wheels are in motion to make this project a reality. The new reservoir, while adding 1400 acre feet to Colorado City’s water storage capacity would also provide recreational boating and fishing for the Greenhorn Valley.

The vision for the property owners on Lago Vistas is that you will have this wonderful recreational facility adjoining the ranch and we all know how important the water is for the area and for your enjoyment. There is a lot of work to be still completed to make this a reality and we encourage you to support this project in any way that you can.

At the Pueblo Home Show

We sure enjoyed the recent show in Pueblo, can’t you tell from the smile on Barb’s face? If you missed the recent 2011 Pueblo Home and Garden Show than most likely we didn’t get to meet you there but just so you know it was really a nice show. We were pleasantly surprised at the number of people who turned out to see the show. Seems that we aren’t the only ones excited about the new year and are looking for Spring to come soon this year.

Thanks to Jim Young for the Lago Vistas display and photos that we borrowed for the show. The photos and booth setup were really nice and professional especially since we decided to attend this show at the last minute. We really enjoyed meeting a lot of the local builders and contractors and other building trade venders as well as local lenders and realtors too. And thanks to Maggie Davis with Remax who volunteered without hesitation to help us at the show, Thanks Maggie!

Thanks to Prin the Golf Pro at HollyDot for the 2 “two rounds” of golf tickets that we had a drawing for at the show. Not only did we have two winners but everyone who registered will also get a really nice discount ticket for HollyDot. Thanks to everyone who registered.

If you missed us at the show that’s okay because what we really need to do is meet up at Lago Vistas and go hike some parcels! Give us a call today and let’s go have some fun finding that perfect parcel for you.

Come see us this weekend at the Pueblo Home & Garden Show

This weekend we are going to be on the Main Lower Floor at this weekend’s Pueblo Home and Garden Show. Look for our Lago Vistas Banner in Booth 76.

It’s been snowing all day yesterday and looks like it will snow all day today but maybe the Home and Garden show is the signal that Spring is around the corner and that is exciting. We are ready for some green grass and flowers!

Stop by and see us and say “Hi”  if you are in the Pueblo area this weekend!

The show hours are:

Friday, March 11th., 5pm – 8pm.
Saturday, March 12th., 10am – 6pm
Sunday, March 13th., 10am – 4pm

For more information on the show visit www.homeandgardenshowpueblo.com


Charlie and Barb

Adobe Gold Properties


Parcel 18 is Under Contract

Parcel 18 is Under Contract

Congratulations to the new purchasers of Parcel 18 who just put it under contract. Scheduled to close within two weeks so the new owners will be thinking about enjoying the wonderful amenities and views from Lago Vistas. Gosh we love it and are so excited for them. Parcel 18 is a great value and is located just inside the ranch with great access off the paved ranch roads. City water, natural gas, fiber optic Internet, TV and Phone and underground power will make it so easy to build here on Lago Vistas in Colorado City and Pueblo County. It’s only about 20-25 minutes to Pueblo on I-25 and there is very minimal traffic on this stretch of the Interstate. But hey living in Colorado City and at Lago Vistas you might just have to beg them to leave….:))

Contact Adobe Gold Properties today about finding your favorite parcel at Lago Vistas. Our phone is 719-941-9919 or toll free at 1-866-309-9919.

Interested in Multiple Parcels on Lago Vistas?

The question came up the other day when someone asked “Can you purchase more than one parcel at Lago Vistas?” and the answer to this is Yes of course. There are no restrictions to prevent you from purchasing multiple parcels on the ranch. In fact this would be a good way to have more privacy if that is what you are looking for.

The POA dues and taxes are really affordable enough to NOT discourage one from purchasing multiple parcels. And some people may want to purchase for the investment since there are only 50 parcels in the entire Lago Vistas development.

We heard the other day that a current homeowner is considering purchasing a neighboring parcel so this is pretty exciting in that they can maintain their privacy near their home if they do so.

Photo Gallery Added and Map

I added a photo gallery today to the website for Lago Vistas with a number of photos showing the ranch and some of the local area.

I also added a new plat map that shows the sold and available 5 acre parcels on the ranch and you will find that Map here Lago Vistas Available Properties

Colorado City is a really special friendly little town just south of Pueblo Colorado off of I-25 exit 74. Come and check it out! You are going to love Colorado City and Lago Vistas.

Fiber Optics To Each 5 Acre Parcel

It’s similar to wiring your new house with all the latest technology when you consider that every one of the 50 parcels in the Lago Vistas community in Colorado City has fiber optics right to the street in front of each parcel.

Mountain View from Lago Vistas

Mountain View from Lago Vistas

Rye Telephone has some very affordable package deals that bundle the Phone, Internet, and TV for just a little more than we currently pay for Hughesnet satellite internet. Be sure to check out the rates at Rye Telephone you will be pleasantly surprised.

As if the fiber optics wasn’t pretty special by itself these hard to find 5 acre parcels also have city water and natural gas right there along side the fiber optics at the road.

These parcels are ready to build on today if you are ready but here you should know that you never have to build if you don’t want to. So if you are looking to purchase a nice 5 acre parcel today and don’t plan on building for 5 to 10 years that is okay. With the recorded grazing lease it will keep your taxes low especially for the vacant parcels which have been running less than $10 a year currently.

Sounds pretty darn good doesn’t it? Give us a call today and let’s go see what parcels you like the best.

Charlie & Barbara

Adobe Gold Properties


Updates to Lago Vistas Website

Well we have been working hard to get the website updated and we still have a lot of work to do. Guess these snowy and extremely cold days in February 2011 just gives us more time to work on the pages.

If you have any suggestions on what information you would like to see on this site please let us know. We are planning to do individual pages for each of the properties that are available. We will also be adding some information for other Brokers/Agents on how we can best work with them. And we will be adding a photo gallery and testimonials too.

And we will be adding information about local attractions and outdoor activities.

We have plans on spending a lot of time on Lago Vistas re-marking the corner pins and adding Lot Signs on each available parcel but that may not happen until the ground thaws….<smile>

Lago Vistas is a very special development and community located in Colorado City that you will be proud to call home. If you previously have considered properties in Pueblo and or Pueblo West do your self a favor and take good look at Lago Vistas. It may be just what you have been looking for.

Be sure to check out the Lago Vistas at Colorado City Website and if you are interested in learning more please give us a call to schedule a tour of the available 5 acre parcels. We have a good selection of properties to choose from.